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BASIC INFORMATION may ask you to provide certain personal information about yourself and your listings, such as name, address, e-mail address in order to post your listing.


We may use "Cookies" in order to create and deliver more useful content and improve the quality and user experience or our website.

A "Cookie" is a very small text file placed on your hard drive that uniquely identifies the user by collecting the following information: a unique identifier, user preferences etc. (to personalize the content that is shown), and any previously provided information. Although cookies may contain information about site use if the user has previously used our site, cookies DO NOT, in and of themselves, collect personally identifying information. When you return to the website, "cookies" simply help us to enhance your experience on our site. For example, cookies allow you to add properties to a favorites list for later viewing.

You may refuse cookies in your browser settings, but you should be aware that our site and many other sites will not function properly by doing so. For more information on "cookies" visit Some cookies used by may remain on the user's computer after they leave our website.

SAFEGAURDS Inc. will protect personal information by security safeguards appropriate to the sensitivity of the information, including through the use of the following measures: physical (i.e. locked filing cabinets, restricted user access), organizational (i.e. security clearances, access only on a "need to know" basis), and technological (i.e. passwords, encryption).


Credit Card transactions are processed using Moneris, Canada's leader in credit card processing. Card numbers are transferred over the internet to Moneris using 128-bit encryption. Credit card numbers are NOT STORED in our database for later use (only the last 4 digits are stored for your reference). This means every transaction you do with us, you will have to enter your credit card number and information again. This may be an inconvenience to you, however it does ensure the maximum security for your credit card information.

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