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Banner Advertising

Why Should i banner advertise?

Banner Advertising is highly targeted marketing. If you have a product or service that relates to any aspect of residential real estate, you should be taking advantage of this marketing medium. The visitors coming to our site are already in the market to buy, sell or rent a home, and often require other products and/or services which are part of their relocation or current lifestyle change.

Aside from Search Engine Marketing, and Search Engine Optimization, we will be driving traffic to our site by traditional marketing methods; this is expensive, and not very effective for most businesses. For example, telephone marketing, bus bench ads, Canada post deliveries to name only a few. We will be paying a premium for these traditional marketing methods, only to target and direct approximately 2%-5% of the audience to our site. This 2%-5% is the audience you would like to see your company advertisement. You get big results without the big price.

And it gets better! Our site offers viewers the choice of viewing properties for sale as well as those for rent. Our banner ad software will also allow you to display your ad only with the properties for sale or for rent, or both. This allows you to narrow your target audience even further. Some products or services apply to both (i.e. home furnishings, moving companies), and some only apply to one (i.e. lawyers, mortgage lenders might be better advertised on the sale section).

Banner advertising is cost effective. You can start banner advertising for as little as $500 (this includes the production of your banner if you don't already have one to provide us (up to $150.00), a $100 setup fee, and $250 deposit to your banner ad account. If you have advertised or showcased your product or service before, then you know this is a bargain. It just doesn't get any better for highly targeted marketing.

how will it work?

It's easy to get started. Simply contact our office by email at and let us know you are interested. When the product is ready to be released we will contact you with additional information.

We will need to get your banner ad from you, or have one designed and completed. Once the banner content is approved, we will then set up a banner advertising account for you. We will need an initial deposit in the account of $250.00.

This banner advertising account can be viewed by logging into your ohs account manager (secure login area). This is the same account area you would use if you were creating sale/rental ads on our site or setting up listing alerts as a viewer. The banner advertising section is not displayed unless the feature is turned on for viewing by one of our representatives. Once it's running, you can view your banner statistics and account balance at any time. This includes the number of impressions and click through ratio (CTR). Once your banner is set up, you can also deposit additional funds to your account at any time. When your account balance reaches a critical level our system will notify you by email that additional funds are required.

Banner ad rates

The following rates guidelines are under consideration:

Description Price
Setup Fee
Banner Design and Graphics
This is optional. If you supply us with your own banner this charge will not apply. Price covers basic banner production. There may be additional costs depending on the complexity of the banner your requesting.
Minimum Initial Deposit to Your Banner Account
This is on deposit in your banner account to pay for impressions and click throughs your ad receives.
Cost for Impressions
CPM = 1000 impressions, this is the amount which will be withdrawn from your banner account for the number of impressions your banner receives.
$10.00 - $20.00 per CPM
Cost per Click (CPC)
Click is when a viewer clicks the banner to view your website.
$0.05 per Click 

Banner ad sizes available

We anticipate having 1 or 2 banner sizes depending on the space we have available within the layout of our site. It is important to us that the viewers have a good experience with our site, and with respect for that, we will limit the number of banners we display.

Main Banner Offering
These banners will rotate on the page which displays multiple listing results to the viewer. By default we anticipate 10 listings per page, and will display 1 or 2 banners per page.

The size for this banner will be:

Additional Banner Offering
These banners will rotate on the left side of the site. We may choose to show only 1 per page. This banner option will be introduced pending space requirements, as we are evaluating other content to fill this area on the page at this time.

The size(s) under consideration for this banner are:

Your banners will link to your site in a new browser window. If you do not have a web site, we can create a business card page which describes your business, and provides the viewer with your contact information. If you need us to create a page for this purpose, please contact us for pricing information.

Click Banner to download PhotoShop file.


Click Through Rate (CTR)
The average number of click throughs per hundred ad impressions, expressed as a percentage.

Cost Per Click (CPC)
The cost you incur each time your banner is clicked and the customer is routed to your website.

Cost per 1000 page views or impressions (In roman numerals, M equals a thousand). A price of $15 CPM means, $15 for every thousand times a banner is displayed.

Page Views or Page Impressions
A page view or impression is a single instance of an online advertisement being displayed.

Sample Industry Types That Can Benefit From Banner Advertising with OHS

  • Home Furnishings (Furniture, Window Treatments, Appliances)
  • Moving and Storage
  • Law Firms dealing with real estate transactions
  • Mortgage Lenders
  • Home Inspection Companies
  • Home Builders

Why Are We Not Releasing Our Banner Advertising sooner?

We are not releasing our banner advertising program in 2010 for several reasons:

  • we will be working hard to increase traffic to our site in 2010
  • our software development team will be expanding on our back office functionality of the site. (functions which our staff use when communicating with you)
  • we would like to get as much feedback as possible regarding this program before we completely integrate it with our existing site

If we complete these tasks ahead of schedule, we will launch early. Currently we are targeting a 2011 launch date.


This is preliminary information. Rates, concepts, specifications, and release are subject to change.

If your interested in banner advertising with, please email us at, and we will contact you before the official release of the product. Inc. has the right to refuse ads. We require our advertisers and banners to have industry related products or services which offer added value for our viewers. We may also refuse new ads in order for our existing banner advertisers to reach their optimum number of page views. In this case, we may add you to our waiting list. We also reserve the right to refuse any and all banners for any reason whatsoever.

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